Utah recently passed laws giving fathers more rights in divorce. Overdue, and a start where child custody is concerned, but it's not nearly enough.

Most of the time moms receive physical custody and with that dictates way too much. Fathers become relegated at best to one night a week, every other weekend and every other holiday. Last year a bill passed changing relocation, hopefully to keep the children near both parents. However, a 60-day notice and Mom can move. It takes months to get into court for relocation hearings, and she and the children are gone and settled elsewhere.

Instead of laws requiring no prejudice towards Mom or Dad, why isn't it assumed that unless proven otherwise, both parents deserve shared custody? A 50/50 situation wherein children have access to both parents, where the children are not allowed to be moved without the hearing first? Why is custody giving moms the right to move far away and impede their children of relationships with Dad? Children deserve to have both parents equally in their lives, and more needs to be done to facilitate this. Dads should have equal rights.

Monica Owens

St. George