The bulk of Andrew McDonald's letter ("Extremism in the GOP," March 22) is spent accusing Republicans of bad behavior, such as being dangerously extreme, mean-spirited, bellicose and of fear-mongering. Apparently, that is McDonald's way of trying to convince Republicans to abandon the principles they believe in and to compromise. But note that he does not provide one example of how or why a position held by Republicans is extreme.

Is it extreme to be pro-life, to favor agency, personal accountability, the Second Amendment and voluntary charity versus forced charity? Is it extreme to oppose government waste, fraud and burdensome debt?

Trusting and giving the government complete power to dictate all walks of life and acquiescence to socialism is what will cause the demise of our country. Society ultimately depends on a free, righteous, hardworking and self-sustaining people who can enjoy the fruits of their labor. Not by compromising and forsaking righteous principles.

Kim A. Skinner