Americans are ready to go to limited war with Syria to protect the nation's interests, or at least to not make the president look bad for something he said a year ago. If that isn't an argument for limiting politicians' media exposure, I don't know what one is.

The Obama administration maintained the element of surprise by leaking information on what it was going to do, for how long and the general vicinity where the bombs would fall. If only the cable guy would be so forthcoming.

That sound you heard from the north last week was millions of Norwegians wishing they could repossess a certain Nobel Peace Prize.

If the president really was interested in alleviating the suffering of the masses, he would launch an attack on the MTV Music Video Awards.

Let's face it, if entertainers wanted to be shocking, they would show up to these awards fully clothed and ready to sing about family values.

We're now at the beginning of football season, which is sort of like Washington politics with helmets, pads and penalties for unnecessary roughness. Only one thing is different: Things get resolved by the end of the day.

Speaking of which, we're about one month away from another fight over raising the nation's debt ceiling. Think of this as perpetual full employment for government roofers.

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The NFL and more than 4,000 players decided to settle a case regarding concussions last week after the plaintiffs forgot why they were there.

Firefighters in California were using predator drones to help fight the Rim Fire last week. This gave them the added advantage of being able to destroy any al Qaida members they happened to find at the same time.

Scientists last week said they found a clue as to why people begin losing their memory with old age. They said … uh … what was I talking about again?

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