Homeowners could save between 30 to 60 percent on home improvement projects by purchasing reclaimed building materials, according to Fox Business.

“You can save a lot using reclaimed material,” David Lupberger, home improvement expert at ServiceMagic, told Fox Business.

Reclaimed or reused materials are building materials that were once part of a structure and have been recovered for resale.

Using reused materials not only saves money but it also has a positive environmental impact, according to Fox Business. This practice reduces waste and saves the energy it would take to create a new product.

While demand has risen for reused materials, homeowners shouldn’t plan to use reclaimed materials for larger projects that require a lot of matching components, according to Fox Business.

More research may be needed as some older reclaimed items might not meet building codes, Dirk Wassink, co-owner and general manager of Second Use, told Fox Business.

Another downside of shopping for reclaimed building materials is the amount of time it could potentially take to find the right piece.

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