Checking fees at banks are on the rise, with some increasing as much as 25 percent, according to Bankrate.

Recent regulation such as limiting overdraft fees and caps on debit-card swipe fees are causing banks to look elsewhere to increase revenues, Eben Jose, an industry research analyst with IBISWorld told Bankrate.

"That had a drastic kind of an effect on their revenue for retail banking," Jose told Bankrate. "They need to find a way to make up for these fees in other ways."

Seventy-two percent of Americans would think about switching should their banks increase checking account fees. Less than 1 percent of banks surveyed charge a card carrying fee, according to Bankrate.

To make up the difference, banks have collected more money by eliminating free checking accounts, increasing monthly maintenance fees, charging non-customers to use their ATMs, raising overdraft fees and cutting interest payouts.


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