SALT LAKE CITY — Freelancing is an increasingly popular method to earn some extra money, but it can also help you find full-time employment, according to Simply Hired, a blog about job searching.

One way freelancing can help you get a full-time job is by helping your skills. Whether it’s picking up new skills or sharpening some old ones, freelancing is a great way to do both, Amanda Abella, life coach and hiring manager for Fortune 500 companies, wrote in the article.

Freelancing also provides focus to your talents that allows you to become an expert in any field you choose. Freelancing allows you to research a field and work hard at it — two key elements to becoming an expert, Abella writes.

While gaps in employment history are often red flags to companies, freelancing can show that an applicant has initiative and solves problems, according to Simply Hired.

Freelancing can provide an edge in a job interview that other applicants may not have, Abella writes.


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