A Parisian woman has been arrested for allegedly dressing up as her 19-year-old daughter and taking an exam in her place.

Gawker reports the woman was attempting to take the baccalauréat exam — a matriculation test for French high school students, and a requirement to attend college.

Le Parisien has identified the woman as 52-year-old Caroline D. She was allegedly dressed as a younger person, wearing converse shoes, jeans and a great deal of makeup, Gawker reported.

She was able to get into the testing center because the test is taken by people of all ages, similar to those trying to attain a GED in America.

However, her plot was foiled when an exam proctor noticed the ID on her desk belonged to her daughter. Police were called to the scene, but because they didn't want to disturb other test-takers, the authorities waited two hours before she was asked to step outside.

She was taken into custody on suspicion of fraud, and if found guilty, the daughter could be banned from taking the test for the next five years, according to The Guardian.

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