PERRY, Box Elder County — A missing family of five was found in good condition Wednesday in Perry Canyon, where an unrelated wildfire also ignited.

The family was found about 11:30 a.m. in a remote area of the canyon, after rescuers searched through the night on foot and in air. Medical crews examined the family members and found them to be in good shape, according to a news release from the Box Elder County Sheriff's Office.

The family went missing after being dropped off Tuesday afternoon near Perry Reservoir, said Box Elder County Sheriff Lynn Yeates. Because of the hot weather and uncertainty as to whether the family had sufficient water, Box Elder County Sheriff's Search and Rescue was called, the news release said.

Originally, officials believed the family had lit a tree on fire in an attempt to signal rescuers and that the burning tree grew into a larger wildfire.

But, because of the distance between the fire and the area where the family was found, Box Elder County Sheriff's searchers determined the wildfire was ignited by someone else, Yeates said.

The fire was human-caused, but investigators late Wednesday had not found who had started it.

Officials estimate the fire, which had burned an estimated 300 yards as of 9 a.m., will be out by 8 p.m.

Contributing: Andrew Adams, Alex Cabrero


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