The toddler basketball sensation Trick Shot Titus appeared on "Fox & Friends" last Thursday, wowing the crowd and leaving in tears.

Both father and son were dressed up to make their second appearance on the show to explain how Titus' YouTube fame has gone viral and talk about their appearances on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

As the 2-year-old prepared to take his famous free-throw shots, a crowd outside of the studio began to gather, taking pictures and cheering. Titus was shooting 100 percent when anchor Brian Kilmeade tossed the ball to Titus too hard, hitting the young athlete in the face.

Tears soon followed, showing just how young the toddler basketball star really is, as Kilmeade awkwardly apologized and finished the segment. After commercial break, however, the tears had subsided.

Titus' father, Joseph Ashby, continues to make trips with his toddler. Ashby said the trips have become great bonding experiences.

"What Titus and I have been able to do is real special, and we try to forge that kind of relationship with all the kids," Ashby said in an interview with Deseret News. "That sort of happened easily and at a very young age for Titus and I."