With their parents unable to allocate as much money toward higher education as in past years, college students are increasingly utilizing grants and scholarships and aggressively employing cost-saving measures.

The findings come from How America Pays for College 2013, an annual report that financial services company Sallie Mae released Tuesday.

Families are paying an average of $21,178 for one year of college — down 12.1 percent from the 2010 apex of $24,097 in annual expenditures.

“Five years ago, only half of families reported using grants and scholarships to pay for college,” Megan Kowalski and Hadley Malcolm wrote for USA Today. “This year two-thirds of families did, the study shows. Meanwhile, parents are contributing less of their income and savings toward college costs, covering 27 percent of college costs compared with 37 percent in 2010.”

One strategy for defraying college costs that students are employing with greater frequency is living at home and commuting to school.

“More students are rejecting college dormitories,” Douglas Belkin reported for the Wall Street Journal. “In 2013, 57 percent of families reported a student living at home or with a relative, up from 43 percent three years ago. Students from low-income households have traditionally lived at home in larger numbers, but among families with incomes over $100,000, the share of students staying at home has doubled to 48 percent since 2009-2010.”

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