ROY — A man who police say put his 15-month-old daughter in harm's way by his own suicide attempt now faces criminal charges.

Andrew Lolmaugh, 24, of Roy, was charged Thursday in 2nd District Court with child abuse, a second-degree felony, and four counts of reckless endangerment, a class A misdemeanor.

On Friday, a judge granted a temporary restraining order for another family member against Lolmaugh.

The incident happened on Tuesday when Lolmaugh "went into his garage and disabled his garage door opener," according to charging documents. Lolmaugh then took sleeping pills and started his car, police say, and later told officers that his intention was to kill himself.

Lolmaugh also said that he placed his 15-month-old daughter in her room — an upstairs bedroom above the garage — as carbon monoxide filled the house, and thought that "hopefully" someone would find her in time, court documents state.

"Andrew Lolmaugh left (the baby) in her room above the garage while he tried to kill himself. Carbon monoxide filled the garage and the house and entered into the entire house," the charging documents state. "Andrew Lolmaugh said he did not have a plan for (his daughter) if someone did not show up at the house to find (her) after he died."

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Because of statements Lolmaugh previously made to others and on social media, concerned family members called Roy police and asked them to do a welfare check because they believed he was suicidal.

Officers arrived at the house just in time.

Four officers entered the house, found Lolmaugh and then found his daughter. Lolmaugh was semiconscious when officers arrived, said Roy police detective Bryce Weir.

All four officers and the baby were treated and released at a local hospital for carbon monoxide exposure.


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