PROVO — Utah runners could receive an unexpected prize in the next two weeks: cash for wearing reflective clothing., a Utah County-based nonprofit focused on increasing awareness of runner safety, will give away money and prizes to runners on the street who wear reflective clothing during dark hours next week.

"Wearing reflective clothing instead of just bright clothing is the best and most effective way to be seen by drivers at night," said Susan Chapman, project director for, adding that distracted drivers are a major cause of death to runners and other pedestrians.

Over the next two weeks, RunReflective and the Utah County Health Department will be taking to the streets, rewarding runners and walkers wearing reflective tape, vests, hats or markers. The giveaway blitz is part of a campaign to raise awareness.

"We will be wearing reflective vest ourselves," said Chapman. "We will be loud and only women will approach the runners. We will also have the logo on our vehicle. There should be no mistake about who we are."

More than $2,000 in prizes has been given away as part of the group's efforts to save lives. For more information or to donate to the project, visit or